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ICBC - New Physiotherapy Coverage | South End Spine and Sports Vernon

ICBC Coverage- Physiotherapy 

ICBC has recently updated their coverage system as of April 1st. The new system has made treatment post-accident more accessible to reduce the occurrence of chronic issues occurring, and to get you back to work/play as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy ICBC Coverage:

Physical therapy is covered for up to 25 visits within 12 weeks of the initial accident. ICBC covers the full cost of treatment and there is no user fee associated with the coverage program, making care more accessible to all involved in a car accident.

The Physiotherapists at Spine and Sports South End are well trained in treating whiplash and injuries to the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Techniques are aimed to relax the muscles, improve the motion of the joints, and provide exercises to help retrain the musculature around the neck and improve recovery.