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Physical Therapy

Our approach to physiotherapy utilizes the combination of exercise, hands on manual therapy, and activity modification. Special training in manual manipulative therapy, Acupuncture, and IMS makes recovery from injury that much more likely.

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Our Kinesiology sessions are aimed towards injury based rehabilitation, where we assess your movement and particular injury, and come up with a plan of management in terms of rehabilitation exercises.

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Neck Pain Vernon

Injury Articles

Back Pain Chiropractor Vernon

I think my back is out- What does that mean?

Back Pain “My back is out” or “I threw my back out playing __________ over the weekend” is a common phrase we hear in the clinic. But what does tha...
Sciatica Chiropractor Vernon

Sciatica- Pain down the leg, but from what?

Sciatica “I have sciatica” is a term often overused and misused when referring to pain down the back of the leg. Clinically, having true sciatica w...

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