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I think my back is out- What does that mean?

Back Pain Chiropractor Vernon
Back Pain “My back is out” or “I threw my back out playing __________ over the weekend” is a common phrase we hear in the clinic. But what does tha...

Sciatica- Pain down the leg, but from what?

Sciatica Chiropractor Vernon
Sciatica “I have sciatica” is a term often overused and misused when referring to pain down the back of the leg. Clinically, having true sciatica w...

I have neck pain- Do I have to have an adjustment?

Neck Pain Chiropractor Vernon
Neck Pain In many cases, people think that when they go to the chiropractor that they HAVE to get an adjustment, which is not true. Sure, some chir...

Tendinitis- What is it? What can I do about it?

Tendinitis Vernon
Tendinitis Tendon (the attachment of muscle to bone) + itis (the process of inflammation)= The inflammation of the attachment site of muscle to bon...